Towards a FAIR future

At DataHub, we provide data management services for (non-) clinical studies. DataHub is an institutional data broker that provides data management services to researchers from the academic hospital and university. Our cross-organisational infrastructure enables researchers from multiple disciplines to reuse valuable data from the hospital, the university, and beyond. DataHub works according to the FAIR principles, which specify that data and metadata should be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. We continuously improve our services in order to provide added value to researchers who want to do more with their data.   

In close colllaboration with DataHub and MEMIC, the Maastricht Study data have been structured and catalogued.

The Heart+Vascular Center (HVC) closely collaborates with DataHub to make sure that research data is FAIR.

DataHub provides research data management services for M4I that enables researchers to keep oversight of their project data.

In the latest release of the DataHub software our primary focus has been on improving the overall user experience. On a more technical level we have improved the stability of several processes.