The department of Cell Biology-Inspired Tissue Engineering (cBITE), part of the institute for technology-inspired regenerative medicine (MERLN), performs research that is dedicated to understanding and applying basic cell biological principles in the field of biomedical engineering, in particular in the regeneration of bone tissue.

Backend service for upload, storage and indexing

Together with DataHub, cBITE has created a repository cBiT that incorporates material science and transcriptomics-based cell biology, with a focus on clinically relevant materials. For this repository the DataHub infrastructure is used as a backend service for upload, storage and indexing. A custom search frontend was designed and implemented by Dataminded that perfectly fits the demands and wishes that were given by members of cBITE. This is textbook example where the generic DataHub infrastructure is enriched with a domain specific extension module. More information about the cBiT repository can be found in the recent Biomaterials publication