DataHub software version 2.1.3 released

10 July 2018

We are happy to announce the latest release of the DataHub infrastructure. Most of the developments involved bug fixes or changes to the backend infrastructure. The changes that are visible for end users will be mentioned here. Noteworthy is the expansion of our DataHub infrastructure with the semantic search platform DISQOVER. 


DISQOVER has been launched as semantic search platform for public and private research data. DISQOVER makes it possible to bring semantic searching to a wide research community. DISQOVER is user-friendly and provides an intuitive user interface. As of this moment, researchers from both the academic hospital and the university can simply access our local DISQOVER instance online. In the next release of the DataHub infrastructure, metadata from iRODS data sets will be added to the DISQOVER system. Read more about DISQOVER.


We have simplified the syntaxis of the persistent identifiers that are being generated for each data set. Previously, persistent identifiers (PID) contained an auto-generated 128-bit random identifier. With this update, we now use a combination of project and collection in order to increase human-readability. In the next release, PID landing pages will be included.


We fixed a bug for cases where Drop zones were not deleted properly after a successful ingest operation. 

Data warehouse

We fixed a bug for cases where the Cloud Browser application displayed inaccurate, and sometimes negative, values for project sizes.
We have also improved the compatibility with Internet Explorer.


The virtual machines that host DataHub production services have been migrated to new and upgraded hardware, which results in improved performance.