DataHub software version 2.2.0 released

7 November 2018

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the DataHub infrastructure. Most of the developments involved bug fixes or changes to the backend infrastructure. The changes that are visible for end users will be mentioned here. 


Noteworthy is the expansion of our total storage capacity to 120 terabytes.

Data warehouse

For each dataset uploaded to DataHub, Persistent identifiers (PIDs) are created. With our latest release, PIDs are now redirecting to a landing page containing basic metadata about the data set. View an example.

The semantic search platform DISQOVER has been launched for end users to search through publicly available data sets and variables used in the Maastricht Study. In an upcoming release, we will be adding functionality to use DISQOVER for in-house data sets that were uploaded by our end users.

On the ‘Browse data’ page you can find instructions on how to use webDAV methods when using large data sets.

Project Management

The information that is displayed in the iRODS report that is used by our data stewards has been extended. We are currently working on self service functionality in our web portal that allows every user to get an overview of his data sets. Additionally, users with the role of principal investigator will be able to get an actual overview of the project costs involved. This will become available in the next DataHub release.

Master Person Index 

Master Person Index is now used for patient data that are processed in the research project Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). 


The monitoring and logging mechanisms have been improved which allows our development team to respond better and faster to user generated errors.