Funders increasingly require their grant-holders to produce a Data Management Plan (DMP). A Data Management Plan helps you to manage data, meet funder requirements and help others use your research data if shared. 

DMPMaastricht for writing a Data Management Plan

To support researchers to produce an effective Data Management Plan, we provide the web-based tool DMPMaastricht, based on the international DMPonline tool. DMPMaastricht is hosted by DataHub Maastricht. When you need support in writing a DMP, you can contact MEMIC. DMPMaastricht is provided in collaboration with MEMIC, the Clinical Trial Center Maastricht and the Grants Office. You can create plans with DMPMaastricht to meet funder requirements at the grant application stage, or to support data management throughout your research project. 

Benefits of using DMPMaastricht

Some funders mandate the use of DMPMaastricht, while others point to it as a useful option. When you select a funder you will be offered the template(s) of this funder, including Maastricht UMC+ specific guidance.

With DMPMaastricht you can:

  • write your plan and easily update it throughout the lifecycle of your project;
  • share your plan with internal and external collaborators;
  • download your plan in a variety of formats.

Ease the burden on the researcher by providing institutional guidance

You can download funder templates without logging in, but DMPMaastricht provides tailored guidance and example answers from funders and your organisation, provided by DataHub, MEMIC and CTCM. Why not sign up for an account and try it out?