Expansion DataHub infrastructure with search platform

We are happy to announce the latest expansion of our DataHub infrastructure with the semantic search platform DISQOVER. DISQOVER makes it possible to bring semantic searching to a wide research community. DISQOVER is user-friendly and provides an intuitive user interface. As of this moment, researchers from both the academic hospital and the university can simply access our local DISQOVER instance online.

Coupling in-house data with public data sources via DISQOVER’s data federation greatly extends our view on the data. With DISQOVER, it becomes possible to simultaneously aggregate results from data residing at public and private sources (e.g. stored in the DataHub infrastructure) that otherwise would have to be collected or searched separately, thereby improving end-user’s efficiency.

How it all works

A typical DISQOVER workflow consists of five major steps.

  1. Login
    You login to the DISQOVER system.
  2. Search
    You start your search by simply entering free-text keyword(s) or choosing one of the displayed data categories.
  3. Browse
    Many categories are displayed, which are populated by about 130 public data sources (PubMed, EntrezGene, ClinicalTrials.gov and many more) and local data sets at DataHub (indicated by the MUMC+ heart icon).
  4. Aggregate
    Via the DISQOVER federated technology, search results are based on private data sources that reside at MUMC+ DataHub and public data sources that reside at the public endpoint of DISQOVER.
  5. Visualise
    Various types of graphs of the result set can be visualised using DISQOVER’s Visual Analytics feature and if that’s not sufficient, the result set can be exported to CSV for usage in other (statistical) applications.

Expand your reach

Systems like DISQOVER generate their greatest impact through reach and accessibility. Within Maastricht UMC+, the Heart and Vascular Center, the Maastricht Study, the Maastricht Multimodal Molecular Imaging Institute (M4i) and the Institute of Data Science (IDS) are already actively using DISQOVER. 

Start your disqovery today!

You can start your disqovery through the public and in-house data sets by clicking the DISQOVER menu entry on the left and logging in with your institutional account. Of course, access to some data might be limited by your authorization level.

Do you want to know more about how we use DISQOVER within DataHub? Please send an email to: datahub@mumc.nl.