Latest release DataHub infrastructure

19 March 2018

We are happy to announce the latest release of the DataHub infrastructure. Most of the developments involved bug fixes or changes to the backend infrastructure. The changes that are visible for end users will be mentioned here. 

IDS group members can now login and use the DataHub portal for metadata discovery.
We are also happy to welcome the DLab group as newest user group of DataHub.

Data warehouse

We have improved the user experience on the ingest button by making it visually different from other buttons and providing a context message that indicates that the resulting operation is irreversible. Also, users will receive an error message with appropriate instructions if they try to use functionality that requires UM, azM or VPN network connectivity. Moreover, the usage of the WebDAV protocol and respective user manuals are promoted.

We continuously work on improvements and we are happy to receive your feedback for our upcoming release.