The Maastricht Study

The Maastricht Study (DMS) is a unique study aiming to create a better insight in the prevalence, causes and treatment of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic conditions. The population of interest are individuals aged between 40 and 75 years who are living in the southern part of Limburg.

Participants of the Maastricht Study are extensively medically examined at the beginning of the study and during the following five years. One of the central questions is why one person develops type 2 diabetes and the other not. The Maastricht Study will eventually make a significant contribution to the health of Limburg and the fight against diabetes and heart disease in general. 

"The intensive collaboration with DataHub as a centralized data broker will enable the Maastricht Study to increase data findability." 




The Maastricht Study has gathered massive amounts of data that are valuable resources for researchers within the Maastricht UMC+ already. To further increase the visibility and findability of these data, a collaboration between DMS, DataHub and MEMIC has been set up.

The parameters measured (metadata) within the Maastricht Study have been catalogued, structured and annotated with SNOMED CT terms. These highly enriched metadata are already available in the DataHub data discovery environment DISQOVER and are regularly updated. Researchers can search through the DMS metadata and combine them with all other public and private data available within the DataHub DISQOVER environment. 

DataHub Services


  • Highly structured datasets
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