New functionalities DataHub infrastructure

18 July 2017

We are very happy to announce the latest release of the DataHub infrastructure. We continuously work on improvements driven by your (research) input. Besides various bug fixes, we also introduce new functionalities in the latest release.


By using the DataHub infrastructure, you are sure to make use of an encrypted and secure connection, since frontend applications that were served over HTTP are now encrypted with TLS/SSL.

Our services are now also linked to the azM network and parts of our infrastructure are deployed on azM-hardware. This allows us to help researchers from the academic hospital who want to work with data from Maastricht University and vice versa.


As for metadata, persistent identifiers are automatically being generated from the system for each dataset/ingest. Moreover, you can now easily link a publication to your dataset, by using a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).


The DataHub DataWarehouse is now only accessible by logging on to our portal. This prevents unauthorised access to the metadata.

When uploading new datasets to the DataWarehouse, you will have to fill in an ingest form to add metadata about your dataset. The ingest form has been restyled and now also shows additional information on project level, such as project title, managers and contributors.


Both iRODS and MirthConnect have been upgraded.
iRODS has been upgraded to version 4.1.10.
MirthConnect has been upgraded to version 3.4.2.