Starting your research

Proper data management is part of good research practice. Funding agencies more and more expect you to integrate general information about data management in your research proposal. It is recommended to make a plan about the following aspects, prior to the start of the research process:

  • Types of data that will be generated and collected;
  • Collection and storage of data during the research project;
  • Methods of collection and standards used;
  • Sustainability and access to data after the research project;
  • Feasability of sharing data during or after the research project.

By elaborating the management of research data at an early stage, you reduce the chances of having to face unpleasant suprises later in your research. Not only you will meet grant requirements, it will make your data understandable and reusable by others, but it will also allow transparancy and verification of your research. In the end, it will save you time, effort and money.